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Brief Encounter

Once done, it lets us accurately match you with a designer who’s perfect for your look, budget and lifestyle.

Share ideas & collaborate

For instance, you know that oh-so comfy chair you can’t part with? Tell us about it and we’ll make it work for you.

Save Design & smile

We match retailer pricing and in some cases can build in exclusive discounts so you can be sure of more bang for your buck!


Wooden works packages

Wooden + Decoration works packages

Wooden + Decoration +
Electrical work & Electronic
appliance packages

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Choose your Design Package that best suits your needs for your space in your Home.

Living room packages

Create a living room that suits your lifestyle and tastes perfectly with fresh decorating ideas. Whether you have a formal living room or a family room, you’ll find inspiring photos of living rooms, tricks for small living rooms and paint ideas for living rooms from our experts and favorite spaces.

Master bedroom packages

Our master bedrooms are our inner sanctuary and very private spaces. It’s not often that you get to see inside someone else’s master bedroom and quite rightly so. I love to think about a master bedroom as an intensely private space that you share with your partner and perhaps children.

Kitchen area packages

Planning a kitchen layout is the most important part of Kitchen Design. If you are building a new home or doing a major renovation where you have the opportunity to alter -plan then your options are limitless by being creative and using the proper ideas for a professional design.

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